Error Coins & Paper Currency Errors

We have designed this money errors collector (see Numismatics) site to give you the opportunity to make a quick bid on rare and/or hard to find coin errors & money errors, misprints, and the like. You can find Presidential dollar errors, Olympic error coins, penny misprints, first strikes, US Mint coins and more.

Coin Collecting

If you are in it for error
coin collecting as a hobby or just looking to make a profit, you can definitely find your collectible coin or paper currency here. Be sure to check out our coin collecting books. Please note that our main page listed below will contain all coins (pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, commemorative, special editions) and paper currency with errors listed within the auction. You can find anything else coin or money related using our navigation links on the left. Our search function at the top of each page may also help you find the coin errors you are looking for.
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